2019 Ford E450 Type 3 Arrow Ambulance (Truck #06714)

– Mark with Arrow, want
to tell you about our new Type 3 ambulance. The module that we chose for this build is a 168 inches long, with 72
inch interior headroom, and we paired it up with the 2019 Ford E450 gasoline chassis. (Funky rock music) This E450 chassis has a
6.8liter V10 gasoline engine and we’ve also got Whalen LED ion-series warnings lights in the grill and also on the fenders,
and then have the 900 series warning lights on top of the box. (door opening) Moving inside the cab, first thing you notice is our
custom built center console. With our switch panel here with all this one touch operation no-nonsense carling style rocker switches. We’ve got a nice recess
pocket up above here for phone or pens or anything like that. We also have map storage down below here and as well as plenty of drink holders, Whalen siren head and then
room to mount additional radios or whatever you may
have to put in the console. Nice thing about our consoles
is they got the two clips on the side here and you
can totally remove it to be able to gain access
to the dog house that way. A mechanic has a much easier time doing maintenance on your ambulance and all of our wiring is coming
from the module to the front and not from the chassis to the rear, so uh not having to work
around any wiring harnesses or anything like that. Nice big walk-through to the cab and also have a really nice back-up camera with a monitor mounted
to the rear view mirror. This truck has our stainless steel trim package on it so we’ve got our stainless steel running
boards with the punched holes, for grip, and we’ve got
stainless steel rock guards, got LED inserts to light up the step while the doors are open. Also have our stainless steel rub rails and we have LED warning lights in there. (compartment opening) Nice big O-2 compartment,
universal straps on there. Nice shelves up above, so
plenty of room in there. (compartment opening) L2 compartment has got a nice
big shelf in there as well little bit of adjustment there and then also have a
vanner inverter, charger mounted up above so it’s out of the way and also paired with that have
the charge indicator up here for the for your shore
line, Kussmal auto-eject. (compartment opening) L3 compartment. Another
nice big tall compartment with two adjustable shelves in it, also as you can see we’ve also
got the 900 LED scene lights so nice bright scene light on this truck. On the back we got more of our
stainless steel trim package we got the stainless steel kick plate along the whole bottom
there below the doors and then also have our custom built stainless steel rear bumper. with the flip-up rear step
and raised punched holes. Stainless steel license plate bracket and then more of the 900
LED series warning lights. Also have a back-up camera on this truck which is a nice feature to have. (compartment opening) Nice big back board compartment
here on the curb side. Room for back boards and
then also portioned off for a stair-chair and
then the inside-out access into the module with some
adjustable shelves there. (compartment opening) We went up to the ALS
compartment so inside-outside ALS got adjustable shelf up
top, nice big area down below for a go-bag or whatever you may have and all the compartments
have lighting inside as well. (compartment closing) (compartment opening) Moving inside the module. All the nice features in the box, we got portable O-2 tank storage, recessed in the stepwell here,
LED lighting so you can see at night when its dark
out. Here’s the, inside-out ALS cabinet stack here, some nice divided drawers, and have an option for lockable
drug box up above there. Got a captains-chair with the
built-in child safety seat also have the swivel base on here so you can turn it side to side and then as well as adjust
it forward and back. Have our solid state
electrical system in this truck with the carling style no-nonsense
one-touch rocker switches and also have our digital thermostat with a brush less blower motor so nice fan speed without the noise. We’ve got Corian counter tops in here, lots of nice drawers, also
have the suction recessed down below the counter tops so it’s not up on top the
counter top making a mess. We’ve got the rear action counter top which is nice to be able to have room to put your monitor on there. Ah, we’ve got,
all the cabinets are.. Plexiglass with full length
handles and then they also have the flip-up rear stocking feature so that is really nice to have. Glove holders above both the side entry and rear door and also the in-and-out (compartment opening) access to that curb side
back board compartment. (door opening) If you have any questions
or want more information on this type 3, 2019 Ford E450 ambulance feel free to give us a
call or shoot us an email.

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