126. How to fix or prevent stress headaches with energy healing 🙏💙🙏

I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv; today is Sunday it is currently March 22nd and it’s almost 10:30 p.m. I’m here
to show a fairly not-so-quick exercise video on how to help with tension
headache pain this is a little bit of a long one I will follow it up with a very
quick one but this one’s probably going to take about 10-15 minutes (just under 12) just so you
know and it also involves a lot of neck stretching might not be for you if you
have a cramp neck you might want to fast-forward through it but that’s
really up to you I recommend maybe just check it out see what you think see if
you can do it if not just fast-forward through it to the next one because it’s
much quicker and doesn’t involve the neck at all also Reiki breathing best
practice for Reiki breathing if possible in through the nose out through the
mouth if you can if you can’t nasal or oral
whatever works the most important thing is that you should have your tongue
touching the roof of your mouth while you’re inhaling mainly because it keeps
your mind focused on what you’re doing it also keeps the chakras being able to
communicate with each other basically unblocks two passageways between them
and also it keeps your mouth from drying out those are the main things it’s also
an anti stressor just wanting to make sure I don’t forget anything here once
again I just want to say don’t do this if you have problems with neck pains if
you think this is gonna be painful just fast-forward to the next one but see
what you think see if you think this will work for you I hope it does and if
it doesn’t it’s possible the next one will so what you want to do is just sit
comfortably with your shoulders down and your feet flat on the floor floor in
front of you sorry I’m having trouble speaking at the moment again you can
keep your hands on your lap just keep the shoulders dropped and the first
thing you want to do is take a in breath through the nose with the tongue
touching your the roof of your mouth so breathe in and now breathe out through the mouth
and on the way out let your head drop so breathe out and let your head drop to
the left as much as you can to the point of discomfort but not pain then breathe
in through the nose and you can rise up a little as you breathe in and then as
you breathe out go back to dropping your head once again to the left and then one
more time in-breath and now as you breathe out you’re going to take your
left hand to put it on the right side of your head take a breath in through the
nose and now on this out-breath go again head going over to the shoulder and you
can use your hand and your elbow to encourage it to go further but again not
to the point of pain you can feel a stretch and a burn here it shouldn’t be
worse than that though then when you’re ready you can let go of your head and
very slowly bring it back up and if you want you can
do a head rotation maybe side to side very very slowly maybe a side-to-side again very slowly and now once again breath in through the
nose out through the mouth and this time we’re going to do the same exact thing
that way but it’s gonna be harder so let’s your right ear drop towards your
right shoulder on the breath out and don’t be shocked if you can’t bring your
head down anywhere near as far this way as you could the other way because we’ve
just done all that stretching on that side but we’re gonna still do three
breaths this way so we just did one in and out so let’s do one more rising up on the in and going back down
on the exhale bringing the ear down to the shoulder just letting it drop and
the last time in through the nose and out through the mouth and again like
before this hand right hand has you breathe out right hand up and over the
other side of the head and use your hand to encourage your head down from ear to
shoulder again but not to the point of pain just to discomfort let’s do one
more in and out and then let go slowly bring your head
back up now this parts gonna be a little bit different a little bit but it also
showing you what Donna calls the classic Chinese headache points um I just want
to show you what this is I’m going to try to turn around without turning my
chair because hopefully you’ll be able to see exactly what I’m talking about it
was classic she says classic Chinese headache points
there at the base of your skull in the back if you bring your finger to the
center this is the power point down here at the base of the skull about an inch
and a half apart from that are two little soft spots that you can fit the
top knuckles of your Indian fingers into and you can very deeply massage or dig
into those spots think of it as tough love but you want agree massage or again
just press into those spots in and out press that in and we’re going to when
you breathe in you can let your head come up this way or sit down and when we
breathe out we’re gonna bring it back and go into those spots so again do a
breath in and a breath out and let your head go back and press into those spots
those headache spots at the base of your skull in the back just press in as you
breathe out and then when you breathe in if you want
you can bring your head down a little breathe out and push back in and now
we’re going to open our mouths wide and breathe in once through the mouth and
then out and this time clamp your mouth shut bring your head down as you’re
doing so so again we’re gonna breathe out through the mouth but we’re gonna go
from mouth to nose here clamp the mouth shut and as you’re doing that push your
head down so that your chin is touching your chest can let go of those headache
points now you’re gonna use the pads of your finger press in to right where the
eyebrow Ridge is which again is about an inch over the eyebrow there’s like a
little indentation there press your four fingers into that and now we’re gonna do
the inhaling you can go up a little but when you exhale you’re gonna push down
into these pads of your fingers bringing your chin to your chest so again I’ll
sit with my side hopefully so you can see what I’m doing here so again in
through the nose out through the mouth and as you’re doing that push in to
those bridges that the eyebrow ridges and actually from here
keep your fingers against the eyebrow ridges keep the breathing going and on
your out-breath push in and up on your forehead to the hairline
keep your fingers at the hairline for a moment this is a good spot to be just
because this is on a Meridian this is also I believe on a neural lymphatic
point and you can also massage pretty vigorously at the hairline you can also
bring your fingers down to your temples if you wish and then just rub your hands
together and shake them out I’m hoping you felt a shift there that should help
you with headache problems one really really quick one you can do if that one
doesn’t work for you I had mentioned that there was another thing you could
do that does not involve the neck that was the full long one that I wanted to
show you but this is a very quick one it involves breathing one nostril at a time
so you want to literally plug up a nostril with your finger close your
mouth and just breathe in through that one nostril so let’s just take a couple
of quick breaths so plug one nostril up and just breathe in out two more types in out and last one and unplug that side and do the other
one so in and out and out last one hopefully that helped as well the reason
those two exercises worked the first one the very long one works because we keep
a lot of tension and stress in our neck so doing all those stretches helps to
release those toxins all the bad energy the reason this one works the plugging
of each side is sometimes the toxins just get in through your nasal passages
and you can free them up this way so that can be a really quick way of doing
it so I guess once you’ve done these exercises you can ask yourself if you
feel a shift if you feel any difference and you can also do these exercises to
be preventive to be honest that traditional headache point that I was
talking about earlier I’ve been massaging that every single day and
knock on wood but yes since I’ve started doing it I haven’t had any headaches it
seems like it is very preventive so I’m gonna keep doing it and pray that it
stays working while we’re still in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic I
just want you to know I am praying for all of us I hope you and your whole
family is as well and as safe as possible I thank you as always for
coming to see my channel namaste peace and light I really hope
that work for you please say hello let me know where you’re watching from and
let me know if I’ve helped you and also let me know if you have any requests for
things you’d like me to cover in future videos I will be back as soon as I can
I’m sorry again for not being as regular with my postings as usual thanks again
for your time namaste peace and light take care Cheers

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