10 secrets on how to double your personal injury settlement. Tips- Phoenix personal injury lawyer

– Hi, I’m John Kelly
of the Kelly Law Team. I’m a personal injury attorney
here in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to give you 10
tips to potentially double your personal
injury settlement. The first one is that you want to try to
establish liability. What that means is that
the insurance companies are going to wonder who
caused the accident. And you want to get that taken
care of as soon as possible. So, yo gotta keep your
evidence of photographs at the scene, talk to witnesses. If you’re able to,
get the police report. Usually you’ll get an
accident exchange sheet that will give you
the report number. Track down all that
information so you can try to establish the
liability of who caused the accident right off the bat. The second tip. Do not give statements to
any insurance companies. What this means is
that you’ll have both insurance companies,
your own and the others. The one’s who hit you. There’ll be calling you and
requesting a statement from you. I would advise you to
hold off on giving any statements of not
only your accident, how it happened, but
also your injuries. You may want to do this later But you’ll have to
consult with an attorney. just for a moment to talk to them about
how that would go down. You don’t want to get tricked. Cause these insurance companies
do everything they can to try to prevent paying
you out in their claims. And so they’re looking
for ways to minimize the amount that they’re
going to pay up. The third tip. Get diagnosed for any
injuries that you have. So what this means is that
if you have an injury, just don’t sit on it and
assume that the insurance companies gonna give you
credit for that injury based on what you tell them. You need to have a professional
doctor diagnose that. So you might have to
make an appointment with your primary care doctor. If you’ve already
been to the hospital have referrals that
you need to follow up with and get those scheduled. That’s very important. The fourth tip. Follow your doctor’s
orders for your treatment. So this seems like this
would be self-explanatory but it becomes difficult
with people that are in injuries and car accidents. That’s because they
have a lot going on. What you want to do is
make sure you follow up with all of your
doctor’s orders. You do the treatment
that they’ve recommended. You make sure that
you go to all your appointments and try
not to miss them. If you need to get
transportation in line, you got to try your best
to get that worked out. Or, work with someone who
will help you get that done. Because it’s important to make all those doctors appointments. Remember, you’re going to
be ordering your records and you want to have a full set that shows all your progress. The fifth piece of advice. Get all your full
bills and records. Now remember, most of
these first ones that I’m going over, you don’t need
an attorney for these. There are cases where you may need an attorney
to get involved. But these initial
steps are all steps you could do to help you
make sure that you’re on the right track,
right off the bat. So, the fifth step. Get full bills and records. So after you’re done treatment or after you get
out of the hospital. You wanna go to the
provider and request from them your full
bills and records. Get those in and it
can take some time. Get them organized and
make sure you have those all in your file
and ready to go. If you do already have a lawyer, there’ll likely be
doing that for you. But if you’re trying to
handle it on your own you wanna make sure
that you are getting the full bills and
the full records. And not just the records
or discharge paper work. The sixth point is to
hire an expert to follow up with any deficiencies
and outstanding issues in your case. If there’s a problem
with liability you may need to get
someone to review your police reports,
go to the scene, do an accident reconstruction. If there’s issues that
you’ve had, or preexisting injuries or preexisting
conditions that the insurance company is telling you. They believe the new
accident didn’t cause them. You may need to have
an expert get involved to actually give an
opinion about whether those injuries were the result
of the most recent accident or there’s some kind of
preexisting condition. The seventh issue. The seventh tip that I have. Once you have all this
together, you make a demand on the
insurance company. And typically you would
just want to request a policy limits or an
inflated amount that you believe covers all
your medical records, pain and suffering and a few
future costs that you have. It’s sometimes
easier to just ask for the full policy limits. Or a much inflated number. You can put in there
also some notes about what you’ve all been
through and everything. And submit that to
the insurance company. The eighth tip. You want to follow that up with some kind of
threat of lawsuit. Understand that these
insurance companies, if they see that you’re
representing yourself they think that you may
not have the bite that comes along with them
denying you your claims. So, you wanna threat
a law suit, and if you want to you can get an
attorney involved at that point to write a letter for
you to have that backing. The ninth tip. Consult with an
attorney regarding any timelines that you have. This may need to happen
a little bit earlier because you want to know
your statue of limitations. Every state is different. Some statute of limitations
run after one year. Some two years, some
shorter periods. So you wanna know
exactly what you’re up against right off the bat. Remember you can
just call a lawyer, ask them about how your case
would play out in the future. Ask them about
deadlines and any legal requirements that
your case may have so that you know
exactly where you are. And the tenth tip to
potentially doubling your claim is to work
on your liens and your policy information with
the insurance companies. There may be multiple policies,
insurance policies that you can pursue. Or the individual individually. And you also have to
worry about how the liens from the health care
providers that you have. That’s something that
usually if you have a lot of those, you wanna consult
with a lawyer at least. Because those can add up
and you can save up a lot of money to get reductions in
your bills from the liens. A lot of the medical care
providers will come back and say because you
got a injury settlement where we want to be reimbursed. Some of them legally
you’re obligated to negotiate with them. Others, not. And so, that’s a very
important aspect of the case that needs
to be taken care of. So, I hope these
tips helped you out. If you have any questions, you can leave them
in the comments. Otherwise, if you
have an urgent matter, you can give me a call. At Kelly Law Team. 602-283-4122. Thank you very much.


  1. Hi, I found your video very informative and you seem to genuinly care. I was in a car accident while 7 months prgnant wit my son. The Attorney that I had for 3 yrs didnt help told me to seek other counsel knowing my statue was coming up. My question is Do i have right to file a complaint against him to stop the lein? I have injuries of neck..pinched nerve n minor buldge disc issue. Also has greatly increased my Anxiety too since the accident.
    There has been an offer for 20K. how do i know what my medical bills are? Once the adjuster makes an offer can he decrease it? The issue is my staute is coming up.The accident happened Nov 2014. I would appreciate any feedback!! Thanks

  2. hi im reading this and really looking for a better personnel atty i feel he is doing me wrong im suing a few companies for neligent of their product but all are pointing fingers at each other and this atty is telling me im only expecting a couple thousand which is a lie these companies or well known i put my trust in them and in fact could have died i go to the hospital and since is going to therapy because the incident and scared to death to use there product im at a loss because this atty has gone thru maybe 4 secretaries and most times when i come to se him he doing his secrartary job and his he looks unorganized and i live in a small city in iowa so im wondering how to fire him and get a great experienced atty that will help me ive never had to do this so im very ignorant on how to get a better atty and someone who believes in me if any recommendations please let me know 7124544587 thank you very much please put me in the right direction .

  3. Overall, I quite like this simple presentation!

    *However, I wish that Mr. Kelly had spoken to his willingness or otherwise to represent slip and fall injured clients…!

    For me, I suggest viewing this presentation a few times in order to compartmentalize Mr. Kelly's key points.

    I personally process and relate to this type of a presentation by placing the key points into a good note taking with a clear headings strategy.

    In this way I can clear up any loose ends and consult other videos in order to further expand and to tighten the process of my claim for compensation.
    THE 10 TIPS:
    1. Establish liability (photos/witnesses).
    2. Do NOT get tricked into providing statements of how accident occurred and/or your injuries to insurance companies.
    3. Get diagnosed for any and "ALL" of your injuries AND keep ALL of your doctor appointments.
    4. Follow up and adhere to your doctors prescribed treatment regimens.
    5. Gel all "FULL BILLS and FULL MEDICAL RECORDS" from the various doctors.
    6. Hire an expert to review deficiencies in your case — your police reports and consider preexisting condition(s). (On a personal note, one can and possibly should emphasize that preexisting condition(s) have now become much worse as a consequence of the accident??? — Mr. Kelly, with respect, what's your take on mentioning preexisting conditions?
    7. Approach the insurance company request the: FULL POLICY LIMITS to place your thorough list of bills and emphasize what you have been through in order to inflate the claim.
    8. Follow up with threat of lawsuit
    9. Consult with an attorney to obtain the statue of limitations deadlines, and such.
    10. Work on your leans from your health care providers to double your claim

    I sincerely hope that this has been of service to one and all!!!

  4. Hello Mr Kelly I'm in the state of nc and my Lawyer told me that he is not able to request the policy limits from the insurance company is that possible.

  5. I was injured at work but my works doctor misdiagnosed my injury and sent me back to work and was fired due to not signing a light duty contract based on their doctors restrictions do I have a third party case with the doctors?

  6. The 10 Tips:
    1) Establish proof of the actual accident.
    2) Don't give any statements to the defendant's insurance company without legal representation because what you legally say wrong can & will be held against you.
    3) Get proof of actual injury by means of doctor's diagnosis.
    4) Follow your doctor's orders of treatment so your medical records can reflect this.
    5) Get more documentation like medical bills & records to further build your case in which those medical bills are to be reimbursed by the party at fault.
    6) You may need to bring in a expert of some sort to investigate, and solidify your case if there's questions or holes of some sort surrounding your claim.
    7) Make your financial demand to the opposing insurance company that's based on what you think your case, or claim is worth.
    8) Send a threat of lawsuit to back up your demand.
    9) Consult with an attorney to get informed about things such as statue of limitations, requirements, and etc. But in all actuality a hired attorney can & will handle most of mentioned tips. And he or she for the most part can & will advise you about many of the mentioned tips like Kelly Law Team is doing in this video.
    10) Work on your liens from health care providers. They can add up, and you want to reduce them. And once again legal guidance or work from an attorney is a good ideal.

  7. How about if you are already going through a treatment of your back but due to the accident it becomes worse?????????????????????????????

  8. HI i was run off by taxi car company on green light while i crossing the road!car not only hit me but also run off my foot!i have mri test cd also xray,medical report for police.Trafic court finish the case now i need to go to insurance company.I will do your advice's hope it can help me.Thanks

  9. I have a question, my friend told me that she hasnt recieved any $$ for the damages of her vehicle, nor have recieved a rental car. But iv been driving her around to her appointments, does the insurance that was at fault has to cover for the mileage i use for those trips? Hope youre able to answer my question bcuz iv been using allot of gas! 😏

  10. Hello I know your lawyer and not a doctor but my question is I've been in therapy for two and a half months for broken wrist I feel right I can do what they do to me at home because I want to go back to work it wasn't job-related there's govt entity accident so I'm trying to get back to catching up on my bills would it be a good idea for me to cancel my last six sessions I have two weeks left?

  11. Also I don't get no work comp/ I apply for short-term disability but I was thinking to just go back to work because I honestly can't sit out another 60 days and I feel like I can get back to work and made more money than disability provides My car just got repoed, maybe I'm panickg idk.

  12. At fault driver only has 30K policy which is the minimum state requirements in this state. My medical bills amount to over her policy limits. Her company Allstate only wanted to settle for 19K. Attorney filed suite on them. I had coverage for underinsured and uninsured coverage on my vehicle that was totaled plus higher than state minimums than at fault driver. Am I able to file a claim against my own insurance policy? Still waiting on my trial date which has been pushed back. We are going on two years after the accident and still getting treatment for medical problems caused from the accident. Allstate from what I am hearing does not play fair.

  13. A McDonald's Store Owner in Cape Town Ordered an Assault & Forced Removal
    from his Store where serious back & hip injuries were inflicted.
    Can we Claim for Pain & Suffering & Medical Costs ?
    What time period is usually given to file a Claim ?

  14. Hey John, I’d love your advisement in regards to my recent insurance claim resulting from a motor vehicle concern. Please reply back to confirm you’ve received my inquiry. Thank you

  15. Long story short a drunk driver hit my wife ,son and i. I got a attorney every thing has been looking good. But since it was 3 of us involved. The law firm is charging us 40% each . instead of charging us 40% for a case . im in California someone please help…

  16. My son was offered $1250.00 for multiple contusions. Left rib, left hip, neck, arm and leg. Do you think this is a fair offer? Took him 3 weeks before he could really lift much of anything.

  17. yes we had to fire an attorney because when I got the medical records from the doctors and hospital it did not match what our own attorney had

  18. People need to understand this. When you get hurt the first person you call is a attorney. he will direct you where to go after a fender bender. Hospitals do not write reports in your favor…

  19. Good afternoon, i have a few questions to ask, 4 days ago my wife and kids were involved in an accident were the person who cause everything got a really bad insurance apperantly they dont have bodily injure coverage and all we can do out of this is have my insurance pay off the car and our insurance will claim a lawsuit against the other persons insurance at the moment my wife was pretty injured and she was taking to anhospital because the air bags exploded and hit her face to the point that hit her noise and she was bleeding a lot her neck and her yaw was hurting and her whole body is full of bruises our lawyers have been saying that theres nothing i can do and theres no sue case in this scenario but the person that cause the accident could have kill my kids and this was an action of irresponsibility!

  20. Hi Kelly my question is What’s the average of a head concussion settlement and if I miss a day or two of physical therapy with that decrease my settlement please get back with me

  21. If i received two Lumbar Faucet injections due to a car accident i was involved in,do i receive more money or less on my settlement check?

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