🔦Chad Rescued from an Abandoned Mine ⚒

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Right guys, we made
this video nine months ago. It was a video
for an attempted experiment. It was going to be
a science channel that we did with my Dad. That didn’t work out though. Yeah, I didn’t work
out very well. It was a ton of fun though. We were able to go
on the cave, and– Yeah, you guys will see
all the stuff in the video. We were not very good actors. We were terrible actors. We had to speak in it but– It was okay.>>It was a lot of fun, yeah.
>>It was fun to film. So let us– Yeah. Okay. So now Chad, you can say,
if you guys liked this kind of video, we do have a few more, let us know if you want to post other stuff–
>>Stop stealing candy out of my room. This was from school. No, it was not. That is such a lie. It’s from school. You stole candy out of my room.
>>I promise. He’s been stealing candy
out of my room for like 4 days. Chad! You have candy on your pocket! Mom. It’s from school, I promise. That is such a lie! I promise, it’s from school. I promise. I got that at a party. I got that at party at school. What party Chad? A class party.
>>Let me see your pocket. A class Christmas party. That is such a bull crap. Chad, did you get
it from her room? He’s such a liar.>>I got it from school.
>>I caught him getting food yesterday. Okay.
Let’s move on. No.>>If you get–
>>He’s gonna keep doing it. I’m not. Mom!>>Chad, did you get it from her room?
>>I have no idea where these Rolos are–
>>Stop it! Did you get that from her room? No. Yes, you did. Shari, I’m so sorry. Are you not gonna make
him buy me candy?>>Chad, you owe her–
>>3 pieces of Rolos? I don’t think so. You owe your
sister three Rolo’s. No. Yes, you do. I got it from school. Okay. You don’t have evidence. You guys are missing the point. Come back. Come back. He needs to get me candy. Come back. Will someone please move on
to the cave video? Hope you guys
like the cave video. Bye. Please talk to him. Okay, I’ll talk to him. No, you’re not. Please tell everybody
we have like six more videos. Okay, we have like six more
videos of this kind of content. If you want to see it,
comment down below. If not, I guess it will be put into the secret vaults
of Franke videos that will never be seen
by another human eye. So yeah, enjoy the video. No, this guy at the grocery store said
that the mine is right here. No, there is
no old mine up here. Yes, there is.>>There’s so many around the–
>>Does Mom know we’re up here? No, she doesn’t. That’s okay. We’ll be back,
and we’ll be fine.>>Chad.
>>We’ll be safe. We’ll be fine, come on. I told you it’s right here.
>>Chad! No, don’t go inside. This is not a good idea.
>>Look. Look. Look. Chad. We don’t know how far this is. Look at that bat. Oh my gosh, Chad.
>>It’s a bat. It probably has rabies. It’s fine, it’s asleep. It’s daytime. This isn’t safe. We don’t have any protective
equipment or anything. Oh, this is so cool,
that crystallized walls. Chad. What is that? We should leave. This isn’t safe. No, it looks like something’s
fell and been broke here. Chad. Oh, look a wheel. That’s awesome. Chad. Okay. Crap, I drop the phone. Chad! Now– I’m safe, where did it go? I dropped the phone. Chad, are you serious? I can’t see you. I can’t see anything. Ah, my leg. Chad, are you okay? Oh my gosh! I can’t see you.
Where are you? My leg is broken. Please. Mask on! You [inaudible]? Yep.>>Where [inaudible]?
>>2600. All right, [inaudible]. Mask on. Help. It will be okay. I know. Someone will come, don’t worry. [muffled voice] Help! We’re over here. [inaudible] someone. He’s hurt. He has something
stuck on his leg. Medic. Medic, [inaudible]. Where are the two
kids located, Igor? Which drip? You guys going to take him out? Sounds good. We’ll see you out on top side. Guys, hyperventilating,
going into shock. Can you get me a blanket? A blanket! Give me a blanket. Okay hun, what’s your name? You guys–
Uh, my name is Shari. We’re gonna get you
and your brother out of here. We’re gonna [inaudible] right now. You’re doing fine. Is he gonna be okay? I think [inaudible].
We’re gonna do a rescue [inaudible]. 1, 2, 3 [Inaudible] back up. All right. Is everybody good? Time to get [inaudible]. Okay. What did you have for breakfast? Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms? Yeah. Okay. You guys watch
your heads over here. Yeah, [inaudible]. So yes, this was staged. But this was done
purposely to teach you about the dangers of mines, and also to show my kids about how cool and amazing
these Mine Rescue teams are. I mean, they are
very professional, very trained, very practiced, and this was an awesome
experience for them to do. It’s all right. All right, ladies and gentlemen,
slips, trips, and falls. Really watch where you’re stepping,
really watch your head, that’s why we wear the hard hat. Any questions? So Davis, tell us a little bit about what you guys
did to my kids, and how it helped you train. So for training, we like to have
real life scenarios. So with your kids,
you know, they came in like they’re finding
an old abandoned mine, and they went in
and and things went wrong as they often do. You know, old abandon mines
like this, so. What happened was
we moulaged them, them up, and put them in there, and you know staged it like
he’d hurt his leg or something, but then the Mine Rescue Team
responded, extradited him, package them up, appropriately
and brought him out here, and he was okay. Pretty cool? Let me see it. You need the path for that. Oh, that’s awful. And my hair looks fix. That was the best part. Nice man with a good scar
in the face. So some instructions they
had to deal with, obviously, it’s dark in there so they need to rely
on their cap lamps for light. They also had to drag
that orange comm line in, which gets snagged on the rib as they’re walking
around any of the corners. That’s a big thing
to deal with there. And then, when they got to the patient,
you know, he was, his legs were
under an obstructions. They had to extradite
him out of there, emergency move him, and they need
to be really careful because they saw he had
a laceration on his head. So they don’t know
if his spine is damaged, and they need to be
very careful with it as they’re taking them out. And I think they did
a pretty good job of doing that. 1, 2, 3. So this mine just keeps going
and going and going. There are people that live and that work
in these mines all day long. Not this mine, but… This is so cool. This mine’s safety… How does that tie
you into engineering? Everything that we have, whether it’s a cell
phone or toothpaste, or you know plastics,
it all comes out of the earth. And you know, it’s our job as engineers
to make sure that one, we do it safely, and two, that we would do it
with idea sustainability. Every underground mine, by law, is required
to have at least one team, and with another backup team
within four hours away. Masks on. Here we go. Right now, we’re hooking
up the comms system. The team needs
to relay everything that’s happening in the mine. So if they find a lunchbox, if they find something on fire,
or what have you, they need to relay that back to Fresh Air Base. Right, team ready to roll? Igor, comm check. You’re an engineering student? What advice would
you give for kids that are thinking about
becoming engineers someday? Go for it. You know, I’m not the smartest. I’m not, you know, a really great student
as far as brains go, but it’s a lot of hard work,
but you can do it. There are a lot of people
to make it through the school that you know,
love what they do, and things like this
make it worthwhile. Look at these guys. Turn around, look at them. Right now, they’re
having a lot of fun. They just spent a whole day
up in mine doing a mine rescue scenario, but they’re also going
to school for engineering. This is– It’s great. You know, try it. Thank you so much
for having us out. Thanks for coming. And we appreciate
your hospitality and teaching my kids a little something
about mine safety. So thanks for
watching this episode of Engineers in Training. Join us next time for sure. Comment down below, and tell us some of the types
of engineering projects that you’d like to see
on Engineers in Training. So again, Mark Davis,
thanks for having us out. We’ll see you guys next time.

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