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whether you want to admit it or not you
and almost everyone else the action is what you really want Esther’s been
saying to us Abraham I’ve been listening to you for years I’ve been speaking for
you for years I get it that you like the idea of us flowing energy and I like the
idea of feeling good and I like the idea of mind control
this is Esther speaking and I like the idea of thinking thoughts that feel good
to me but Abraham I like manifestations
I like manifestations and what we said to Esther what we want you all to hear
is of course you like manifestations just don’t ask for the manifestation
prematurely of the energy work because if you get the manifestation prematurely
of the energy work the manifestation won’t be satisfying in a sustainable way
of course you can pick up a telephone and make almost anything happen that you
want to there are a lot of things that many of you could go do right now if you
just wanted to do it you can make things happen but there’s a big question am i
making it happen or am i letting it happen am I going with the flow of the
energy is the genesis of what I’m making happen is it coming from the source of
who I am or am I making it happen and is it a diversion from the way the energy
is flowing because anything who hear it is anything that is even the slightest
diversion from the way the energy is flowing will not be sustainable who will
say it again anything that is the slightest diversion from the energy flow
will not be sustainable so that means only the next logical step only the next
logical step will do I can’t wait fast enough anything that is the slightest diversion
from the way the energy flows is not sustainable so if you’re flowing energy
toward things that you don’t want and you’re trying to take action about
things that you do want you can’t but your own current oh and if you have been
really thinking about what you want if you’ve spent a lifetime building this
vortex and you have lifetimes and if your inner beings all involved and all
integrated in what you want and if there is this powerful understanding of who
you are and what makes you happy and your side ways of it nothing that you do
is gonna make it where you’ve got to get current with the current you’ve got to
get in flow with the flow you’ve got to be a vibrational match to your energy
stream which means you got to familiarize yourself with it so follow
us just for a minute and we want to hear you we’ve written a lot of books you’ve
probably seen them around and in them there are a lot of processes and every
one of the processes is to help you to become a flower with your own flow in
other words these processes we offer you are based upon this absolute knowing you
already told the universe what you want you’ve already built it in the vortex
it’s already a done deal and it’s already ripe and ready for your
receiving of it so what you want is already accomplished
but you’ve got to get ready for it you’ve got to ready yourself for what
you created you’ve got to be vibrationally ready for what you’ve
created so the processes that we offer you are not to help you create it you
already did that the processes that we offer you are to get you to be ready for
what you’ve already created to get you in sync with what you’ve created the
work is to get in the flow of the flow the work is to find the stream that
feels the best it’s like being on the river in your raft you ever done that
it’s so much fun and sometimes the river is wide and so the current is slow and
sometimes the river is more narrow and so the current is fast and sometimes
there’s a current over there that if you just paddle over there a little bit
you’ll get a little better ride because the currents are already underway and
your singular work is to position yourself within the currents that you’ve
already established but that requires them trust it requires
trust that you knew what you were doing when you were born trust that your inner
beam nose trust that the sorting and sifting gave you honest requests about
things trust that your inner beam is aware of what you’re asking for and most
important trust that your inner beam knows where you stand right here right
now this red-hot minute in relationship with what you want and when you come to
really know all of that and so you’re not trying to accomplish the
manifestation for manifestations sake you just want to get in the flow for
getting in the flow sake then the manifestations that result from being in
the flow will not just be satisfying when they manifest well but they are old
they are but they feel good while they are in the process of flowing flowing
flowing unfolding unfolding unfolding you cannot have a happy ending to an
unhappy journey it just doesn’t happen and you don’t have any power over there
in the manifestation yet so you got no choice other than to be having a happy
journey you got to find some way to make yourself happy in the journey even
absent the manifestation that’s the secret to success that’s the secret to
joy you got to find a way to be happy in the absence of the manifestation because
you’re experiencing the presence of the flow that’s going to create the
manifestation but the manifestation hasn’t come yet but it doesn’t matter
because you’re in the flow and it was the flow that you wanted anyway really
it was in Abraham’s opinion we see hundreds of
thousands of people each day of our lives and yet there are few that come
along that you may just have eye contact with but in that moment there’s like in
the media energy exchange can you help explain well law of attraction is
matching yep because I’ve seen these as like little messengers along my path you
know well that’s that sweet spot that we’re talking about that’s being in the
receiving mode so that you’re in that receptive mode so that you’re receiving
the clues and the signals and the impulses when there’s someone in your
frequency you understand frequencies you
understand CB radios and the way they talked to each other’s Esther really
likes the idea of a CB radio she had them in her buses because when you’re
driving down the freeway there’s all those people in all those cars and all
of them have a cellphone and you’ve got one too you just don’t know their number
so you can’t call that guy over there and say hey your wheels on fire because
you don’t know what his phone number is but if you’ve got a CB radio and you’re
broadcasting into a frequency that he’s already tuned to he’ll hear you and
he’ll say oh thanks for letting me know I did not know my wheel was on fire the
way Law of Attraction is working is more like the CB radio in that you’re
broadcasting all of the time and others have got their radios on out there now
there are lots of different stations that you can be honest are like the
trucker’s channel because they were road warriors and if there was ever a road
closure or a shutdown from an accident Esther would get read on the trucker’s
channel because they all knew what the routes around it were they didn’t have
much good to say about the four wheelers on the road that’s what they call those
of you with only four tires the 18 wheelers are king on the road but there
was a lot of good information so Esther could just listen in she could just
listen in to their broadcasting well law of attraction is always listening in on
your behalf so whatever your broadcasting law of attraction is
listening in and matching you up with batam down
and down and that so that’s happening all day every day but the thrill comes
when you recognize the alignment your inner being knows where all of those
contacts are you’re intervene knows where all of the potentials to satisfy
you are every one of them you’re intervene knows enough things to
satisfy you in ten different ways in every moment of your life your inner
being knows everything you want and all of the things that will please you and
knows right where they are and when you’re in that open place then you’re
flowing with those impulses then you’re having really an exceptional life
experience it’s not just those big meaningful glances from across the room
and rendevouz with people that you want to live happily ever after with it’s not
only that it’s that and so much more what you want to be addicted to is the
feeling of alignment the plugging the toaster in because then the feeling of
that then everything else follows you’ve helped me release something that I’ve
said for a while that alignment is better than lovemaking with another
individual and the frame of the reset yes well to make both plug in the
toaster and then then if every relationship comes from
that place of alignment I’m done yes wonderful thing to have to go the toilet
right did I just say that well we’re not gonna
hold you up long but there is something real on effect something that is really
good for you to integrate into your knowing right now because there is so
much that you know and understand and always on the brink of war that’s where
you stay these days but this is a piece that we really want you to consider your
inner being never ever ever ever looks back so when you examine past
relationships for the things that you want to overcome or for the flaws in
them it’s with no value because while you were living them that’s when they
were producing the value by putting the things in the vortex so since in real
time as in your real what you call physical time as you’re watching your
clock and interacting with someone as you were putting things into your vortex
your inner being knows what all of those new preferences are and that’s the
standard and that’s the signal that your inner beam is offering so you might say
that you’re intervene on your behalf it’s just putting engine after engine
after engine after engine after engine after engine after engine in the
direction of where you want to go and Law of Attraction is responding to all
of that concentration and all of that focus and all of that knowing that your
inner beam has about you so just feel the power of that and
realize the potential if you were to let go and really just let that fly but when
you recall a relationship or ponder how you could have done it differently or
what you would have liked to have been different you put engine engine engine
engine engine you don’t let the now be the free-flowing pure fantastic
energetic place that it could be as you contemplate what was and so we’re just
gonna say it again your inner beam never contemplates what was your
intervene only contemplates what is and whatever it is that your inner beam is
contemplating is what equals the point of attraction that is coming so that’s
why that calling is so strong now stay with us because we are right on the
brink of understanding something your inner beam never focuses on what was
your inner beam only focus upon what is drumroll please
so here’s the thing what is in terms of manifestation is not the what is we’re
talking about that’s the only thing that your inner being is focused upon
everything that you ever live that you thought went wrong a little bit whether
it was in a relationship or anything else that you asked for an improvement
that improvement is what is active and being called to by law of attractions so
can you see how as you talk about what is or is you talk about what was you
just hold yourself in this limp place where engine engine engine engine in the
wrong direction you don’t let yourself go with the flow that your inner beam
has already got revved up and going for you somebody earlier was worried that
their inner beam might be calling all of the shots and we say your inner beam is
calling the shots that you asked it to call your inner beam is remembering
everything you liked and everything that you wanted and is integrated into every
other thing that you liked and every other thing that you wanted and has a
point of attraction that is so working for you that if you would just chill out
and give up the struggle and give out the battle and give up the excuses and
give up the justification and give up the rationalization and give up the need
to explain it to anybody and just live happily ever after
on the track that you set out that your inner being has put all the engine juice
in oh it could be so much easier than any of you are letting it be
you got that didn’t you and that’s what I’ve been working on that’s good so
let’s call this and these words the manifestation of the energy that you’ve
been flowing and how often does that happen you’re off living your life
you’re aware that you’re going to come and see us you’re aware that you’ve had
some new experiences you’re aware that you got the juices flowing in a stronger
way you’re aware that you’re in a place of reception not resistance and so
together we have a manifestation about things that you’ve been working on
that’s why you want to write it down it was really good
it was stuff you felt that you haven’t said with stuff that you knew that you
weren’t articulating

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