Эксклюзив! Объемный рельефный узор Брук 2

Greetings to all lovers of knitting! My name is Mila. And you are on the Knitting for Everyone channel. Today I have prepared for you a scheme of the original, spectacular and I would say an exclusive pattern! Look how embossed, airy, voluminous and at the same time openwork it is. In the comments on one of the previous videos, the viewer asked me to disassemble the Brooke snud pattern. I found a photo of this snud on the Internet and I was interested in this unusual relief pattern. It took me quite a while to get to the bottom of the truth. On the channel there is a video 3D pattern with knitting needles Brooke – this is the first pattern that I got. An interesting, voluminous pattern, but it has little in common with this pattern, which, I think, is very close to the original. And as you already understood, in the process of trial and error I managed to solve the riddle of this pattern! Here is the wrong side. It’s also quite interesting – embossed and pretty. This pattern is ideal for snoods in two turns and for scarves. And at your discretion for
any other products. But keep in mind that yarn consumption will be large. As you can see, the pattern fits into several threads and this is the secret of this pattern. I recommend watching this video to the end. Perhaps the pattern of this pattern will be new, unusual for you, and you will gain new experience for yourself. To knit this pattern you
yarn of three or more additions will be required. I will knit in three additions. And the same yarn in one thread. We use knitting needles or necessarily double-edged so that there is no stub on one end. Or circular. I used alize baby wool, 50 g 175 m and knitting needles No. 5 for this sample. Pattern repeat consists of 4 loops and 3 rows. It is necessary to dial the number of loops multiple of 4 + 1 for symmetry + 2 edge. I scored 11 loops with a thread in three additions. The first row will be knitted from the wrong side. Do not turn over the work. We leave everything as it is.
The ends of the thread are on the left. Move the loops to the right edge of the knitting needle. Take a glomerulus in one thread. row 1 (WS , 1 thread): all knit We do not knit the hem, remove it the way it lies. row 1 (WS , 1 thread): all knit We remove the last edge without knitting. We turn the work. Edge
remove, transfer the thread forward and connect in 4 threads. row 2 : (RS, 4 threads): * P1, sl2-k1-p2sso, * P1 We turn the work. We separate the threads – we leave one thread and we will knit the 3rd row in 3 threads. row 3 (WS , 3 threads): K1, * yo, K1, yo, K1 * Repeat row 1- 3 to your desired length. I will repeat these three with you again
row. We take one thread and knit 4 rows in the same way as 1 row. Remove the edge as it lies do not turn it over. row 4=row 1 (WS , 1 thread): all knit We retake the last edge.
We turn the work. We remove the edge as the front one,
turning over. We connect 4 threads and see 5 row, the same as 2 row. row 5 =row 2 : (RS, 4 threads): * P1, sl2-k1-p2sso, * P1 We turn the work. Separate the threads. Leave one thread. We knit the 6th row in three threads, as well as the 3rd row. Remove the edge. row 6 =row 3 (WS , 3 threads): K1, * yo, K1, yo, K1 * Repeat row 1- 3 to your desired length. I am sure that this pattern for you, as well as for me, was new, interesting and unusual. Always glad to be of service to
you! If you liked my master class, this pattern – like it! In the comments, share your opinions and impressions! It is always very interesting! I wish you creative success,
inexhaustible inspiration and good mood! See you soon! Bye Bye!

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