Причины травм \ Causes of Injury

[Music] Hello everyone! Another question. lexander, it would be interesting to hear the causes of injuries. How to avoid them. Perhaps the injury today is the worst thing that can happen to an athlete and anyone who trains in the gym. Let’s see what causes injuries. It seems to me, and in my experience of observations, injuries occur at a time when we are not ready for certain weights. Most often, this can be preliminary stress. As one of the options, when we are on a drive and it seems to us that we can lift much more. It also sometimes happens like this: they used pharmacology, got off with pharmacology and they feel that they seem to have strength, but the ligaments may not be ready for this. Often injuries happen then, and including me, it was like this when, after a strict diet, we are filled with excess weight, excess fluid. This gives a tremendous influx of strength in which we do not feel what is happening with our ligaments. My mistake, when my injury happened, was exactly that. After a fierce diet, the European Championship, I was swell, plus 15 pounds probably. Quite a lot of time passed, and I thought I was recovering. The muscles were so strong that it seemed to me that I could bend the bar. But it was self-deception. So here, most importantly, do not fall for these self-deceptions. Clearly listen to your body. You need to realize whether you are ready for these weights or not ready. If there is the slightest discomfort in a particular muscle that you are training or something is going wrong, your shoulder hurts or your joint hurts, slow down the process. Today, this trauma can push you back from training, rather than what we stop today. We will reduce weight or do a multi-rep workout, or in general, we can switch to physiotherapy. It may be worthwhile to finish the workout in order to recover and be in shape tomorrow. Friends, take care of yourself. I beg you: be prudent. Do not hurry. The most important thing is not to get injured due to some ridiculous accident or stupidity. Good luck.


  1. И не слова о короновирусе! Лайк уже за это! Ну и видео полезное!

  2. Как всегда отличное, максимально информативное и короткое видео. Супер!

  3. холодные мышцы или сухожилия легко сорвать/травмировать даже самим малюсеньким весиком , я имею ввиду если нп замерзнуть, и разогреваясь неправильно/криво взять вес…
    лучше разогреваться по тихоньку

  4. Александр вы не знаете как вылечить локти суставы воспаленные

  5. Спасибо за видео 👍Как говорится береженого Бог бережет🙏

  6. Самый полезный канал что у меня есть!👍👍👍👍 Александр, я очень Вам благодарен за такой познавательный контент!💯🔥💪

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