First Aid

First Aid Tips

Baby Drowning

What To Do If Your Baby Is Drowning?

Babies have lots of fun at bath time, but with any amount of water there's always a risk of drowning. As your baby crawls...
Head Injury

Head Injury Symptoms and Advice

If you think someone has had a head injury, there six key things you may find. They may have become unresponsive even for a...
Diabetic Emergency

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Diabetic Emergency?

Diabetes is a long-term medical condition, where the body cannot produce enough insulin. Sometimes people who have diabetes may have a diabetic emergency, where...
Child Seizure

What To Do When A Child Is Having A Seizure?

In young children, a seizure, also known as a convulsion or fit can be caused by raised body temperature, linked to throat, ear or...

What To Do If Someone Has A Stroke, Signs and Symptoms?

A stroke can occur when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted and starves the brain of oxygen. Strokes are most commonly caused...
Shocked Baby

How To Treat A Baby Who Is In Shock?

Shock happens when the important organs in the body, such as the heart and brain, don't get enough blood or oxygen. Your baby can...


How To Use Interpet Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive?

Interpet Aqualibrium
Adding small amounts of salt to a freshwater aquarium helps fish cope with stress factors like: disease outbreaks, water quality problems and environmental trauma....

First Aid – Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
State of consciousness? If the child loses consciousness, call for help if you are alone Lay them on their back. Normal breathing? Check...

First Aid – Defibrillator

State of consciousness? Call for help If the person does not respond when you speak to them whilst holding their hand and gently...

How To Use A Defibrillator AED?

An AED is a life saving device that can give your heart an electric shock when it has stopped in a cardiac arrest. AED...

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